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Default 7/17/11 David Ian Cowan, Navigating the Collapse of Time

I don't mean to shift focus from the last IE Radio program about conscious aging, but wanted to ask a quick question. Listened to the 7/17/11 show with David Ian Cowan this morning on the way to work--wow!

Has anyone here read his book Navigating the Collapse of Time? It is now at the top of my "to read" list. I'd love to discuss the book with anyone who's familiar with it--meet me in the "Books!" forum?

Loved the discussion of this reality being a dream. As the radiant Buddha said, "Regard this fleeting world like this: like stars fading and vanishing at dawn, like bubbles on a fast moving stream, like morning dewdrops evaporating on blades of grass, like a candle flickering in a strong wind, echos, mirages and phantoms, hallucinations, and like a dream." My teacher, Tias Little, often cites to that passage.

I'll also have to keep my copy of Heinrich Zimmer's Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization close by when reading Cowan. There's a great story about Markandeya (not sure if I'm spelling that correctly) walking around in Vishnu's dream!

Into this dream of a work day I leap now . . .
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