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Default P.S. Joanne

I am sorry Joanne! I did not mean to ignore your post. Since you, also, surround yourself with people older than you as well . . . what do you think they see in YOU? They are wise and enjoy the company of you and your youth, so what do you think about that? And that leads into the "youth" question. Anderson said in her interview that she (or . . . now that I think about it was it you, Brit, who related this story?) once spoke with some elders (women) in a Native American tribe about their respect for the tribe elders, etc., and the "elder woman" basically said, oh, there are plenty of elders who are idiots, but we respect them anyway. My question is, does wisdom have anything to do with chronological age? Perhaps it is often a good litmus test for sure. But you know that adage about some young people being "wise beyond their years," no? Perhaps there are plenty of "wise" youth, but not as many as "wise" elders? I think I am talking myself into a corner here? Or at least I am talking in circles. There's that "turning" again!


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