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Not all that many years ago the preponderance of energy generated by Earth’s residents was fear-based. Now, the billions of “good” persons—only a few are not—are responding in accordance with their passion to help right wrongs wherever they are. Change rarely starts at the top and filters down, it starts at the bottom and flows upward, and this is happening throughout your world. Emails to my mother let us know that many of you felt heartened by our recent messages wherein we enumerated some of the myriad ways that love-light is bringing about changes for the wellbeing of peoples everywhere.

The “downside,” if you will, is that along with the wondrous effects of that abundance of energy comes impatience for dramatic differences. Our beloved Earth family, you are transforming your world! Even with the ongoing assistance of our universal family, an undertaking of that magnitude can only be achieved incrementally. In Earth’s energy field of potential, all manner of benevolent changes are gaining momentum in accordance with thoughts, feelings and actions increasingly focused in light-filled directions. Your light is opening hearts and minds, helping to heal those who are sorrowing, bringing closer the day when Earth once again is a paradise.

And that brings us to the email from a reader at Ra Kendra Centre in the Philippines, which we include by permission:

The way to dispel darkness is to let the Light through.... LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT IN ACTION.

To negotiate from the heart, radiating Light, Love and Peace makes motives transparent and can bring about a meeting of minds for the common good ( this is with direct reference to peace through negotiation to resolve the conflict in Syria).

Peace is not related to war as we understand and express it. PEACE IS A STATE OF BEING EXISTING AS ITSELF WITHIN EVERYONE, although it seems that it is not being given a chance to express itself pervasively somehow. While the varied perspectives and expressions of human tendencies may impulse and express as war, destruction, etc., among some of us, these can be rendered impotent or re-focused as creative good by the strength of the desire for peace in many of us ......PEACE REIGNING IN THE HEARTS OF EVERYONE is our goal, not the stopping of violence and atrocities to others and ourselves, which will surely stop or get transmuted/ transformed when peace prevails.

Let us remember our basics....that all are expressions of Consciousness as Energy; the variation lies in how we relate to it and eventually give it expression.

So, beloveds, as soon as we feel the impulse of our passion for peace being drawn to the direction of outrage and other forms that will fan the conflagration of distortions, let us breathe deeply a few times and redirect our focus into the source of that passion....OUR HEART OF HEARTS WHERE DWELL PEACE, LOVE, WILL TO GOOD. This can bring us to negotiating for peace peacefully instead of fighting for peace.

That said, I thank you all, and as our song goes, LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME....

We honor those souls at the Centre and the countless others who are sending forth love-light. By universal law, the energy of peace within hearts and minds is hastening the day when all souls in your world will live harmoniously with each other and with Nature.

All light beings in this universe are with you, cheering you ever forward and embracing you in unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

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