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September 27, 2013
A likely-to-pass federal bill with a new and dangerous provision may be voted upon this weekend, and we need your help to amend it!

The Senate compounding bill we have been telling you about has now been scrapped because of the outcry from consumers like you. That is the good news. They started over from scratch.

Here’s the bad news. They slipped in a new and very bad provision. This provision says that your doctor can only order a vitamin or mineral or other nutrient IV if the ingredients are already pre-approved or in some unrelated, synthetic, and FDA approved drug. This is outrageous.

More bad news. The same bill will likely be voted on in the House right after the Senate without changes.

IVs (nutrients injected into your veins) are very, very important for natural medicine. Please don’t let them make some really important compounded IV medications illegal! Someone you love may desperately need them.
Please read more about this terrible provision on our website, and take action immediately!

P.S.: The Senate has just passed the Continuing Resolution without the Monsanto Rider! This is a tremendous victory—and is entirely thanks to your support. Let's now get this new threat dropped from the compounding bill!

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