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Hi there
I truly believe everyone is different and each require different forms of nutrition.

I don't do strictly vegetarian any more. I can do 3 or 4 days but after that I found the 'brain power' shut down. I need protein from poultry and fish (and rarely but sometimes, red meat) (all organic & fresh caught lake fish) to think and have energy.

My weight doesn't flux much but I haven't done gluten or dairy or sugar for years. If I eat grain it is usually a little quinoa - which is an excellent source of protein. Stephanie you might try quinoa as a protein base as it also provides a number of important enzymes.

The Paleo diet that Sisson talks about is the way humans used to eat eons ago and it works for many! That's what Shirley has been doing and she's feeling great and dropping some pounds.

Personally I feel that whether you're eating plant or animal you are taking and using the life energy of something for which I always give thanks. (I'm no where near being a breatharian) So the animal issue isn't why I did vegetarian for a couple years - it was done for health and I found that for me veggies weren't enough.
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