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Originally Posted by Robin33
Thank you Peg!
He's been given 6 pints of blood and now talking about doing another surgery which he is too weak for. Such a long process for him and I'm lost on what to do for him. At times I feel so sure of what to do to help him, right now I am lost on what to do. After being at the hospital from 6:30 this morning till 5 I got home and got called back to hospital. Went to bed last night at 3am and then back up. He's a little stinker, but I love him. Thank u again❤❤❤

Oh Robin, I know what you are going through. Several years ago when my mom fell and broke her hip, seems like I lived at the hospital. Like you, after being there from early morning until well past evening visiting hours, I no sooner got home and was called back. She was so agitated and the night nurse had to see to her other patients on the floor. All I could do was hold her hand and speak softly to her. She finally calmed down was able to rest and eventually fall asleep.

Although that doesn't seem like much, your mere presence and loving energy is benefiting Pap more than you will ever know, both physically and spiritually. Be at peace in that thought, Robin. And if you can't physically wrap your arms around him in a hug, do so mentally. His spirit will feel your love.

Love n Hugs to you, dear one
Blessed Be,
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