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A picnic sounds like a plan

I'll cover my container tomatoes before the nightly nip of 30 degrees and remove the cover as the temps climb and the sun smiles down on them. As the nights get even more cool, I'll bring the plants inside but when they are ready to call it quits, I'll thank them for their sweet fruit that graced our table all year.

Tender leaves are already red and gold, but most remain green. The autumn winds are starting early this year and fallen acorns and pine needles adorn our deck.

Squirrels and birds are gathering their treats and raccoons are starting to show up at night. Our ferrel kitty (actually BB's) is coming to eat twice a day and Angel, whom we inherited from Mom, is not happy she had a haircut and nests under a blanket at night. BB is a snow dog - so she's counting the days to the first glistening flakes and spends her time finding the coolest spot to nap in.

Just love this time of year!!!
Brit Elders
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