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Default Vegetarians

How many of you are vegetarians out there? About 10 years ago, I became a vegetarian (no animals--including fish--but still occasionally eating animal products like dairy and eggs) and began practicing yoga. I almost immediately lost 25 lbs, and 10 years later (still a vegetarian and practicing/teaching yoga), I have maintained healthy happy weight with this same diet/lifestyle. I don't know if it was a combination of the yoga/vegetarian diet that my body/mind/spirit liked or one of them individually.

I am often questioned about my alleged lack of protein consumption, alleged over consumption of carbs, and alleged lack of cardio. Usually, I just shrug and say the vegetarian diet and yoga exercise (with a healthy dose of hiking) just seem to work for my body, and I cannot imagine ever not doing one or the other.

This morning on the way to the office, I was listening to an archived IE Radio interview with Mark Sisson who wrote Primal Blueprint from Aug. 23, 2009. He advocates high protein (animal meat), low carb, no wheat/grain diet. Unfortunately, the interview did not touch of vegetarians.

What do you vegetarians out there do for protein? I actually have pretty low dairy intake as well (slight lactose intolerance) and depend on beans beans beans and soy products for protein (altho I intensely dislike those manufactured soy/whey shake products). However, with the GMO issues out there, I am concerned about soy. I mean, tofu is a pretty highly "processed" food, and I've never seen any "non-GMO" labeling on any tofu brands. Same thing for tempeh (one of my faves). Brit, are you aware of non-GMO tofu and/or tempeh brands?

As far as eliminating grains from the diet . . . I don't know. Wheat, yes, I get that, but rice? quinoa? millet? bulgar? These are veritable staples for me! And beans . . . . those are pretty high carb, I'm thinking, but there's no way I could eliminate that from my diet. Grains, beans, etc. are also staples of the ayurvedic diet, which is followed by ancient yogis who some say live 100s of years.

Perhaps all of this is just a matter of listening to your own body and following whatever it tells you to do? But I am curious about what other vegetarians do for protein and/or limiting grains/carbs.

Namaste from the Midwest,
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