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Originally Posted by ShelleyD

A really nice note you wrote in response to that lady. I hope it settled her down. And very good point you made about your cat helping to keep the squirrel damage down.
I have a cat who is now about 16. In her youth she was quite a rat hunter. We used to live in an apartment complex in So. CA that had a bad rat/mice problem for the simple reason that the lush, tropical foliage they used to decorate the landscaping attracted them. A lot of palm tree/rats. I used to joke that they should give me a discount on my rent for all of the rats that she helped to eliminate.

Good Luck on that!!

Thanks Shelley.

My neighbor reminded me that we also have lots of mice and other vermin around here because of all the water and vegetation around it, which Noir also helps to keep under control.

I tried to make him an indoor cat in the beginning but he just wouldn't do it. He knows he must be in for the night. Usually he's good at returning home by then.
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