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One of my neighbors complained that I had to keep Noir in my own yard because he suddenly appeared on her upstairs deck and looked in at her partner and her cat. She even sent pics to prove it.

Those are the HOA rules, she said.

I finally wrote her this. I hope it works. It isn't as though he's out attacking them or their pets.

Have you tried talking to Noir and asking him not to visit your house? He's very smart and intuitive. I know that as an old soul, he understands a lot. I've been talking to him about it because several neighbors have pointed out that our what-used-to-be bad squirrel problems have disappeared because of his patrols. Maybe a year before Noir arrived, [name] had squirrels invade their attic and ruin their wiring and insulation, costing lots of money to repair. Frank was telling me that he and his wife watch Noir running around my roof chasing the squirrels off. I know he does that elsewhere. And he also keeps them from destroying my fruit and vegetables as they used to. I heard that he no longer hangs out at [name]'s as he did for awhile when their cats interested him.

Channel 9 News Storytellers is interested in doing a story about me and the incarnations of Baltho and Figgy, who, as I've mentioned, are now Melchior and Noir.

Btw, please put in a word in support of Storytellers doing a segment on this. They're dragging their heels after expressing interest.
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