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Hello All, and welcome back Joanne!

Too bad you did not spot any crop circles; yes, an aerial view is probably most helpful unless you are able to intuit the locations, which few of us probably remember how to do anymore. Not that we couldn't relearn!

Aside from the Teamster passage being one of my favorite passages from Out on a Leash, I simply love the following passage because of its deep yet simple meaning and truth (not to mention its darn cute imagery as well!):

"Terry: I like standing here with a stick in my mouth. Not knowing why I picked it up or what I'm going to do with it. I like just standing here. If I sense a craft over head, it doesn't bother me. I know what it is. I've seen lots of them. I'm perfectly happy with this stick in my mouth doing nothing. In another minute, I may start to chew on it, but if I do the stick will be perfectly fine with my need to chew on it. It isn't afraid of me. I know it isn't afraid of me because I can feel its energy, and its energy doesn't know anything about fear. Everything and everyone is energy so why should anything be afraid? We should just be attentive."

So . . . there is a lot to unpack here, don't you think, even if--at the same time--it is so simple?

Anyone care to discuss? I will start.

First, the image of Terry just standing there perfectly content with a stick in her mouth and--I am confident in this assumption--smiling reminds me of the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh. Yes, Thich Nhat Hanh--in particular, his book Peace is Every Step. Much of that book contemplates the urgent need for people to return to the simple--yet revolutionary act--of sitting in peace. Just sitting. And smiling. It completely changes the energy and probably puts others--including sticks--at peace, too. I think that is what Terry was doing and what she was trying to teach standing there with the stick in her mouth.

What do you think?!

Namaste from the Midwest,
"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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