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Hi to all

It was a Saturday 31 August, 1996.

I remember clearly I have in a long time pain in my hips I couldn't endure the it anymore, and my shoulder was in pain to, it was very hard for me to get up . It was early in the morning , I was in my summerhouse by the see and the sunrise was smiling at me through the little window, I was nearly in a alpha state, when I saw a huge Ufo, far away bringing me up through the white stream column/ a bio-energetic elevator.

Halfway up I decide to be on the "ground" in my bed where I was lieing before I was on the way up, and I began to heal myself. The people in the spacecraft smiled at me and was aware of my own power of the mind I wanted to heal myself.

If not, they normally helped me.

The Ufo was huge the same I saw in Florida, Broward County where we had a condo, Palm Air.

I started to heal my hips and shoulders, arms....that was the first time I did this, and after a short time 45 minute, the healing was over.

It took 3 days and some hours, then the pain was disappeared and I haven't felt pain since then.

The telepathy connection with the people in the Ufo is always there, I can use the way they have done it for light years ago, and they have shown me since many different ways to heal our self etc.etc. the little drawing is from that day, I found it the other day in my dream book by/ Il mago di Napoli , Achille d`Angelo.

This old book is given to me by a unknown lady, she gave it to me in the street, and nobody haven't seen here before or after. She just disappeared. (maybe she was a walk-inn) .

I am writing in Danish that the Heavens ceiling opened and a whole new Universe came to sight, I saw many universes behind this. on the way up in the huge Ufo.

Love and light
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