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Some of very few people on this Earth…have the knowledge to SEE how we gona use the next step: that some know how to resolve the next way to develop high technology to build and use the speed of the light….on another and higher level..that we the human now know about…
What if some people some call them “walk inns”…have the abilities to use the power of the mind to remote and teleport space energy , down to new bioenergetics energy to use the climate change….with the powering of minds. I think about the leak in Japan the nuclear reactor….in the very future some can use their remote view to construct a glas/crystal doom around..that nothing radioactive vast can leak at all:
They cover the reactor (by the power of the mind) with viscous cilikone, besides covered with a thick glass / crystal cap ... that eliminates radioactive releases into positive ions.:
That could be the beginning to a “new world”…that we don’t need money anymore in the future…

When we meet the exactly our other “half”..we will be one energy, and will be lighten over to another level, could be on another universe…where we belonging to.
Or if you meet him/her…in this life…you both would be FREE …………….no questions,.anymore…both sitting in the corner,…smiling at each other..sending love, intelligence and could be some kind of bioenergetics sexuality in a very high vibrational energy…..holding hands for ever, and sleep in harmony and wonderful dreams..
That…..we know we will meet that other “half” ..on another planet,…that we know we can seek the whole life “down” here,..because we already know we not will find him/her here on this planet.
(I know I am not from this “world”,…that I not can find the same vibrational energy,…before I going back to my home universe..I know I am here to drawn all my drawings..That my articles and books will been read long after this life/work is finished here on this planet. My name is not important..the information and the written is …to share is the most wonderful energy..I know.)
..Shirley…this special vibrational frequencies you have….was meant to reach so many as possible in your life on this planet…the small light seed…you have spread out through your acting, dancing, singing and movies etc. etc.…what if you ( I am almost sure you can) or others could see your vibrational energy in colors and light, how you radiate info from where YOU come from…but they cant,.yes in glimpses we feel and can see your aura,..every person see, on he/hers spiritual level .
Could be, you will (not) find the other “half”, thus he is working in another place,..but both will in the same time , meet again. When you and the other “half” meet,…it is an indescribable to talk about….it will be such an awesome energetic sexual energy….and you and Him..will live in many timeages before one of you decide to …chose where you will “return” to a “new” life,….where ever in the universe it will be..only you and “the other half” will know.
But IF…he/her is living on this planet in same time as you…..would you find it out, you would be able to use your inner vision to "benchmark" your third eye ... and scan you through your own meditation, to see where he / she is, in this life, on this planet.

Sit still and feel inside the heart, if you can receive his / her energy, try if you can hit the same vibration you created with if you feel empty and nothing happens, it may be your control and discipline that hinder you in searching for the finely tuned frequencies, start from scratch and delete ALL of your thought patterns in the subconscious and all of your cells.

In our crystalline network that is built up as a harlequin pattern, sitting microscopic micro board where all our info, DNA etc., inside them are accumulated negative enrgy, should be destroyed, so your body is now complete clean of destructive thought flows.
Then you can start to find and tune into your other half.
Since you now have total open in all 144,000 small and large chakra wheels to go in symbiosis with your other half. We need to have the same thoughts, the same body's DNA, the same cell assembly etc.etc, .. to melt together in exactly 100% the same energy.
Draw and write down what you will see and feel.
But what if we meet him / her the other half we have the same karma?

And then a new circle will begin..a never ending story….the universe bloodline…will one day be ..ONE when matter and antimatter melt together.

Love to all Ulla
Love yourself first, then you can love others.

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