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Had some time to listen to the interview on the way into work this morning.

Really fantastic, and perfect timing with my own recent study of Sitchin and The 12th Planet--thank you so much!

One of the issues explored in the interview--how to get others educated about these topics (Annunaki, ET origins, etc)--I think is highly relevant to all of us here. Instead of relying upon others to "get the word out" through movies, etc., we can do it here by all of us here continuing to educate, and re-educate ourselves by reading and re-reading works by Sitchin, et al., and discussing/investigating/discovering with each other here and then taking those understandings and sharing with others in our lives who are not in this community (yet).

We probably all came to this community by rather organic means, and perhaps there are others in our lives just waiting to organically arrive on the same path but need a little introduction. For example, I went to dinner one night with two attorney colleagues of mine and brought up Sitchin's theories (I had just finished The 12th Planet and hungry for discussion). One folded her arms immediately in front of her and began shaking her head "no," but the other (a yoga teacher/student/attorney like me, too) thought the ideas fascinating and wrote down Sitchin's name and the book title to read at a later date. So . . . 50% of my audience that evening openly accepted Sitchin's theories and exhibited a desire to learn more on her own. And, I think, my other friend will--some day--find her own path here.

So in the meantime as we wait for a movie/documentary about the matter to open up this knowledge to the general public, we should continue to educate ourselves here and through what we read, discuss in our community, and start talking to others!

Finally, I really loved and appreciated the concluding meditation thought--for us to go within to see if we could connect with a possible past-life as an Annunaki. I am coming to the conclusion that in this life, I am re-living (every day that I go to work as a union advocate) the cellular memory of a past-life of mine where I was a participant in the Annunaki mutiny. Or are my lives just happening simultaneously?

Great interview!

Namaste from the Midwest,
"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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