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Hi dear friends

Is it time we all can do a huge different to ourself, today I will share a healing treatment I use, Thus don't forget to do something GOOD every day, to get your body, spirit and mind upgraded , I am sure many of you using healing daily ,..but those WHO like to learn another one I will share this:
This is a healing technique, we all can do, if we can use our own imagination, what I have drawing here is a huge diamond. I remote my view to the diamond, to heal myself, or to be upgraded in all my cells and organs. When we physically can remote our view, from one point to another, we will in this now, remote our view and look INSIDE the DIAMOND, and now SEE oneself lying inside the huge DIAMOND.

We have done an energetic teleportation technique by ourselves; we have moved our ethereal body from one point, to another. By your own power of the mind, it is the tools to move and make healing, to yourself.
1.Lie down on a bed, don’t think of anything be emptiness in your mind.
2.Close your eyes and SE a huge diamond at front of you like this drawing.
3.Then look how the DIAMOND can open up, and then jump up and lay you inside into the middle, after a while the diamond will close again, and the whole body will surrounded you with a bright white light, through this huge diamond.
4.Now you’re inside, (like the drawings) and then your own consciousness shall receive the healing process.
5.Means you shall SE how the WHITE light is flowing through the diamond and your body.
6.Be aware of, how the body have 5 cm gel surrounded your body, to catalyst the strong white light.
7.When you receive the white light, you can only be there in 5 minute, the diamond will open and then you have to, jump out, and open your eyes. Take your time, and lie down on your bed, until you are prepared to stand up. You can listen to soft music, under the healing process, it will sometimes be easier to imagine and SE, the “whole picture”.

When you feel the recovery from the white light, you will feel 10000 of small soft touch, all over your body, the DIAMOND IS A CATALYSTS FROM THE HEALING LIGHT, imagine all the antibodies / refuse you may have in the body, the light beams will teleported the waste away from the body, by entangling light photons beams, many times on many places in the body while you are inside the DIAMOND. Remember only 5 minute.
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