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Well, you know the old saying “we are the sum total of all we have ever been”; so I would have to say your current career/personality tendencies are activated cellular memories. I personally don’t use the term “past life” because I believe all my “lives” are happening simultaneously in this inter-dimensional multi-verse universe we are occupying. And it sounds to me like this is one of your strong points, so maybe you are on the other end of the stick in another life expression (having the experience of an unprotected labor situation), and are now choosing to take the opportunity to contribute to the greater good.

So, what have I “inherited” from myself in other expressions? hmmm I love detail. I love solitude. I love reading and writing (mostly poetry). I too have never had a past life reading, but for some reason I think somewhere I am existing as a Monk (perhaps on amountaintop), enjoying the solitude and painstakingly copying ancient writings. I prefer working quietly in the background as opposed to being out front so to speak, although when I have had to give presentations in front of classmates and fellow co-workers at department meetings, I can honestly say I have held my own in that situation (so maybe that strength is coming from a different life expression).

As I mentioned, I started reading Cayce at an early age and always had the dream to one day visit the ARE in Virginia Beach. So talk about the “magic” of Law of Attraction, from a young girl’s wish in Chicago fast-forward to the age of 54, when circumstances presented themselves to manifest that desire. And boy was that a road trip. But that’s a story for another time

I do very strongly feel that I was a young soldier in the Civil War (I think Confederate, but am not sure). I had a very vivid dream about this which also included my dad and one of my brothers who were also enlisted with me. I was even given a name in the dream of who I was, but so far have not been able to verify it. I have also had another dream with this same brother; we were friends and were involved in some underground movement against our country’s government. Interesting, huh? But I digress…sigh

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