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Hello Peg and Joanne!

Joanne--are you back from vacation? See any crop circles. Also, did you listen to (one of) the latest IE radio shows about crop circles?

Either of you or others: How do you see karma working in your own lives regarding your attributes/tendencies? Do you have characteristics that just cannot be explained through an investigation into your past in this life?

Personally--My "career" in this life (so far, but not forever) is that of a union-side labor attorney. Absolutely nothing in my childhood in this life would have set me on that course, and it took my quite some time to "stumble" into the role. I was raised in the anti-union south, taught to be quiet and not voice my opinions (I am female, after all!), and make good grades but never to aim for anything like a lawyer/doctor (and certainly not an actress/artist, which was laughed at). I was never once encouraged to become a lawyer, go to graduate school, and certainly discouraged from a childhood fantasy of acting. But something compelled me (as if a hook grabbed hold of my heart and reeled me away) to leave the south, go to graduate school and eventually find my way to law school in the north and later passionately defending others and their protected right to their labor. The only thing from my childhood that could have predicted this trajectory in any way was my own tendency to be argumentative and hot- headed--even though this characteristic was suppressed, I am an Aries with Leo rising after all. But this career/personality tendency must have come from something in a past life, don't you think, because it did not come from the environment of my childhood in this life? Some sort of karmic residue?

I've never done a past life regression (yet!), but after reading Cayce and all the other wonderful books I've read as a result of poking around on this website, I definitely will! It is time.

Alright . . . lunch time here at the office is almost over . . . back to this career of mine . . .

Namaste from the Midwest,
"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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