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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The night was still when The Big Elephant
Turned her attention to the Northern Star
And she wondered how long it had been
Since she had been there.

She remembered then her life experience
In that time of the teachings.
She felt a warmth in her heart in the
Connecting once again from whence she came.

She smiled softly at the knowings that she
Felt in her heart and delighted in the experiences
That she had chosen. She looked forward even more
To the extension that she had so agreed upon.

But it was this night that it all seemed to come together
The whole pattern of her life experience upon this plane
Now, all the facets were coming together
And she felt that she was coming into the blessing.

What is it to Bless everyday?
What sort of energy does that emit?
From that thought and intention, what comes about?
What is blessed gives the blessing in return.

On this day, The Big Elephant took a deep breath and knew
That she had come full circle in her knowings and now she was
Experiencing the blessings of her blessings,
It was then that she could fully rest.

Love, Deb
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