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Default Latest update from Farmer Vicki

Here's the latest report from the (organic, non-GMO, and all around good karma) Illinois Farm! Enjoy and get involved and join a CSA!
Namaste from the Midwest, steph

Last night I went out for my nightly stroll through the fields (having to go out earlier each week because of the earlier sunsets) and beheld a truly wonderful sunset. Clouds lined the western horizon - a beautiful display in itself - but these clouds had a scarlet lining with the sun blazing its downward descent behind them. I could not help but gaze out at the glory of these clouds. How often I am impressed with nature's splendor here on the farm. But, so easily I could have missed this wonder had I chosen not to go on my stroll. At last I continued on and rounded the corner of the field. There among the weeds (yep, I have weeds) were dozens of cabbage butterflies flitting about. So carefree and gentle. A few feet further along the field was graced with dozens of another very small gold butterfly or moth. THese guys seemed to like the eggplant, while the cabbage butterflies liked the cauliflower. I continued along and soon came upon even tinier butterflies of the prettiest blue. They seemed to like the cucumbers. I began to ponder all of nature's diversity and how each crop has insects that like it and how that is all part of nature's perfect balance. And, then I thought about a friend who is a conventional farmer who once bragged to me that his field is sterile and you would not find an insect in all his acres. How very sad to eliminate all of nature's bounty. I will take a non-sterile field any day - and the nightly walks I take to enjoy it all.

Your box
Red potatoes - these were raised by my friend, Lowell Ioeger - I did try out some Yukon Gold this year but they are not quite ready.
Tomatoes and cherry tomato mix - watch your cherry tomatoes as the rain made them a little soft.
Sweet corn
Plums - some of these are a little soft so refrigerate and eat quickly
Apples - from Hillside Orchards
Bagged greens
Rainbow bell peppers - these are so pretty
Green beans - I finally am getting a harvest. It took three plantings to finally get one that survived the spring rains
Red beets

Genesis Growers
St Anne, Il
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