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Smile Hi again

Hi Shirley

I dont think people is prepared for be in contact with extraterrestrial in "live",..99%,..would be very afraid and scared . I am sure of the e.t.ies, will show up one day..nobody knows when..but if such a situation could happen for me, I would try to talk to them, if it is the same Space people I am talking to since childhood,..Thus they are looking like you and me,..only one, he got a more transparent skin and is very, very intilligent.

Elswhere I would talk and say thank you, for all they have done for me, they have given me lots of new healing drawings and new Health tech, for the future..

Maybe (ihope dearly) there is more people like me, WHO knowing they are not fare away, and some have been incontact with "them", and WHO "them",..because I have seem them , doesnt mean that they all are alike those I see........Would it alter in my life?...I dont know..only say I would be glad..that what I have seen always..other could see to.!

Emotionally it would change my life totally,..physically a u-turn to my belief system,.that "I am not crazy,"..I told you my surrouned friends,etc., Mentally I would be free for the first time in my life.....

And then.......LOL,...what would the World leaders say?? The sciencetist ect.ect.....and I think the people in Space know...they will scare us on this Little planet,..if they came here one morning walking around on the streets LOL,..between us and use their power of the everything they do.

Love Ulla
Love yourself first, then you can love others.

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