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Hi Shirley

Just a glimpse of experiencies:

Many years ago, I was humbly allowed to look into the Temple of Wisdom. Ever since I was a little girl, I always had a cosmic friend in my consciousness who took me with him on exploring voyages in space. Today again, he reached softly for my hand.
“Let us go on a trip to the stars”, he said with flowing, smiling, comforting, loving light energies. I followed him silently and we entered the spaceship.
“Where would you like to go?” His eyes beamed with affection, he wanted to show me the universe. I sent back that it would be exciting to visit the twelve transparent moons, where I had my last incarnation. This is a complete universe that people in space call “the twelve balls of metamorphosis” or “the twelve universes”.

We made ourselves comfortable and looked into the universe: Infinitely beautiful. “They” had already “received” our arrival and reported back that we were welcome. With a speed that I can hardly explain – we flew through sound waves of twelve-digit rainbows with an inexplicable frequency of vibration, raising my vibration to a greater clarity. I could see the cosmos from a higher octave and my mind became automatically transparent. It was hard for me to keep up with it. My space friend gave me an understanding look and held my hand. I do not know how long we sat there, I felt as if time stood still. Far away I saw 12 twinkling planets. The 12 moons encircle the seven universes in a geometric pattern. They are used as connecting links between the planets and the universes, their specific function is to maintain the energy stream and keep it flowing eternally between all the planets. They are a kind of small universe within the universes. The power of their light is strong and constant like flowing catalysts of light and darkness, keeping balance in the cosmic spheres. They are also called the cosmic Mother Planets. They could possibly be some of the first planets of the universes, having been “midwives” to the birth of the rest of the universe. They also assist in reflecting the light of a neutrino molecule (these molecules can only be activated through a special Celeste blue light frequency) in a particular light structure, thus giving life to a new cell, which slowly develops into a star or a new planet.

Love Ulla
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