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Cancer Preventionó6 Drops Daily

There is no absolute guarantee that MMS can prevent cancer across the board, but the chances are 99% that it will, if used properly. It has been proven thousands of times so far that MMS kills cancer, and that no matter where the cancer is in the body the MMS will go there when taken by mouth. So with that in mind, it would be crazy to think that any kind of cancer cell could survive 6 drops of MMS daily. Cancer starts out with one cell becoming cancerous in an area of the body that is weakened and susceptible to cancer. Or, there might be more than one cell, but it is extremely doubtful that whatever it might be could survive a 6 drop drink daily. Your body has to be weakened in some way for cancer to start. The 6 drop drink is going to take the body in the opposite direction of being weak and the cancer will not be able to start. Keep in mind that you must start your prevention program before you have cancer growing in your body. If you already have cancer we have a different program and protocol to follow.

Hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved by MMS. Critics canít think of a reason for our Church and our Ministers helping others, so they lie about us being out to make money, but they canít prove any of it. There are two camps in the world today, those who know MMS works and those who are willing or even determined to die without checking it out. I am only talking to the first group. This is for those who are willing to live cancer free (and free of many other diseases). People have told me for years that I have no proof. Well, Iíve seen it work too many times. But we canít save everybody. I wish we could, but we canít. However, those who are willing to check out MMS and try it will have, in my opinion, a 99% chance of never getting cancer, and those who will insist on going through the standard medical route of chemotherapy and radiation, will more than likely suffer greatly and even die that way.

I encourage you to consider starting a program of taking a daily drink of up to 6 activated drops of MMS, (or adjust the dosage accordingly, in relation to weight as explained in this newsletter) and remember, do not start out at 6 drops a dayóbuild up to 6 drops. IF WE WERE IN A WORLD THAT WAS NICE AND CLEAN AND RELATIVELY TOXIN FREE, LIKE 200 YEARS AGO, THIS MIGHT NOT BE NECESSARY, BUT WE ARENíT. In this day and age, we need the extra protection. I take MMS all the time, and I have been taking it for 17 years. I am 80 years old, in good health and I hike and ride my bicycle. I fell off of a roof and broke my neck at age 73 and I am now still going strong.

Keep in mind that MMS is not like any other medicine or drug. One of the absolute worst diseases of mankind, malaria, is completely cured in four hours with MMS, HIV/AIDS in 3 weeks, colds and flu in 1 to 3 days, food poisoning and other poisons in the body in 15 minutes to several hours, cancer depends upon the degree of the cancer, and hundreds of other diseases are cured equally as fast. More than 10 million people have used MMS. The scientific technology is sound.

Making a Drink of MMS

In a clean clear glass put in the number of MMS drops that you have decided to try according to my writing here. Tip the glass on the side to allow the MMS to run down into the rounded corner. Now add an equal number of drops of the activator food acid. This should be 33% citric acid, or 50% citric acid, or 4% hydrochloric acid. Swirl the drops gently to cause them to mix. Wait 20 secondsócount slowly to 20. The mixture of acid and MMS (both which were clear to start), should turn dark amber by the end of 20 seconds. If it doesnít turn dark amber start from scratch with a clean totally dry glass and try it again. If it turns dark yellow it is passable, but if it does not turn color do not use it.

Now once the mixture is dark amber add 1/2 glass of water to it and drink it down. There are some people who donít like or care for the taste and others who do like it. If you don't care for the taste, there are some things you can do to make it taste better and some things you cannot do. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE ORANGE JUICE AS THAT COMPLETELY KILLS MMS. Cranberry juice, apple juice and lemon juice, are all juices you could add to the MMS mixture, that is, if they are natural and do not have any other vitamin C added. Most soft drinks such as 7-Up, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, and other soft drinks that use CO2 gas and which do not have added vitamin C are okay too, but only if you drink it right down without waiting. For those who are concerned about the sugar use only soda water with no flavoring or sugar. Drink it immediately after mixing it in juice or a soft drink. It lasts only a few minutes when mixed with these, but if adding to water you can wait longer. Use 1/2 glass of these drinks or water to add to the drops of activated MMS.

Do not take MMS at the same time as coffee, orange juice, black or green tea, Moringa, or any other very high in antioxidant foods or drinks. It is best to take it an hour after a meal. If you are doing one drink a day, itís works well to take it before bedtime.

(Note: In this newsletter, every time I refer to drops, I am referring to activated drops of MMS, further on is an explanation on how to activate the MMS drops). For the average person (male or female) weighing approximately 160 pounds (74 kg) a 6 drop drink of MMS once a day would be about right to be certain to prevent these diseases. If you were using CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution), then a drink of 2ml a day would be needed, (Note: A 3 drop drink of MMS equals 1ml of CDS) and this is amazingly inexpensive. In most countries around the world you can buy a 4 ounce (120 ml) bottle of MMS, along with the activator, for less than $25 dollars. There are 2400 drops in the 4 ounce bottle, this gives you a maintenance drink of 6 drops daily for 400 daysómore than a year.

But there is more to it than that. If you are really very healthy you can get by with less than 6 drops a day. But it canít be imaginary health, itís got to be real health where you are being very careful with what you eat and drink. You try to avoid toxins as much as possible and you exercise as well. You could get by with 3 drops a day at best. If you are a smaller person, less than 160 pounds (74 kg) you could use less drops. Reduce the number of drops by 1 drop for each 20 pounds lighter. However, 6 drops a day is the safest. If you are more than 180 pounds (81 kg), then increase the drops by 1 drop for each 20 pounds (9 kg) increment above 180. Children should have 1 drop for each 25 pounds (12 kg) of body weight or less, once each day. If you are overweight and need to increase your drops beyond 6 drops, take the first 6 drops, and then take the remaining drops, the next hour. Remember, never more than 6 drops at a time.

You may have to start at 1/2, 1, 2, 3 or 4 drops in the beginning, just start low and build up to 6 slowly. When starting out taking MMS, if you become nauseous at first, itís a sign you are going too fast, and you need to reduce the drops to a level where you feel good, and then build back up slowly, and you can know that the MMS is destroying something bad in your body. If you have never taken MMS before, I suggest you start with 1/2 drop the first day, and then 1 drop the second day if there is no nausea. Then keep increasing by 1 drop a day until you reach 6 drops a day and do not increase more than that as a rule. The only time to increase to more than a 6 drop drink per day for prevention is in the event you are carrying excess weight, then you may want to up the drink a bit extra as mentioned above. Anytime you get nauseous, be sure to reduce the number of drops by at least 50%. ALSO REMEMBER, WHEN I REFER TO A 6 DROP DRINK, I ALWAYS MEAN ACTIVATED DROPS, NOT STRAIGHT MMS DROPS. MMS DROPS PUT WITH AN ACTIVATOR OF AN EQUAL NUMBER OF FOOD ACID DROPS IS ALWAYS ADDED. Generally we use citric acid or 4% hydrochloric acid.

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