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Smile MMS as a Preventative for Cancer, Malaria, and Many Diseases (New MMS Email)

Received on September 1st, 2013, +8GMT

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Take 3 to 6 drops a day

The fact is, you can prevent many diseases—nearly all diseases. What I would like to emphasize here is that by taking a single maintenance drink of 3 to 6 drops of MMS each day, both malaria and cancer can be prevented, and in the final analysis I think you will find that your health will be improved, and this then will improve your quality of life. I am talking about malaria now because that had recently become a big issue, but most diseases are involved.

The Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing does not sell MMS. We only want to help people be healthy in this age of deception with so many toxins all around us and so many factors working against our health. Someday we will offer MMS in return for a donation to the Church and thus be able to generate some much needed funds for the maintenance of the Church. We have 700 trained Ministers of Health in more than 80 different countries worldwide, and we want to help people improve their quality of life, and MMS prevention drops can do that. Everyone has some kind of a health problem, and MMS will help most of them. I have personally witnessed this for 17 years now.
I know you are maybe thinking to yourself right about now, there’s no proof—but there is. Funny how some people question about MMS, and yet millions have been vaccinated and yet with no proof whatsoever as to the safety, and no one objects. There really is proof of the effectiveness of MMS and it is given below, so read on.

I have spent two years in malaria stricken areas and never come down with malaria as I was always taking MMS. Over 60,000 people have emailed me from around the world, another 160 thousand have emailed my secretaries, and thousands more have telephoned, and no one ever said that they got malaria while taking MMS. The fact is that if someone is taking MMS they, normally, will not get malaria while in a malaria infested country.

Here is why we can be 99.9% sure that malaria in particular, can be prevented by taking daily drinks of MMS. What we know about malaria is this: It has been well established that MMS can kill malaria parasites and thus kill malaria in any patient who has malaria, in nearly all cases within four hours. I have personally cured thousands of patients of malaria while in Africa. The Red Cross has recently proved, by curing 154 malaria cases, that malaria is killed with MMS. Sadly, they have now denied it, but there are three videos of the complete process and the clinical test the Red Cross conducted in December of 2012, which is impossible to deny. The link to the Red Cross Video is: In any case, the following are the well known facts that have been out for many years about malaria. (Google ”malaria” and check out the facts below by many different scientists).

When a female anopheles mosquito infested with malaria bites a person the malaria parasite (sporozoite) makes it way to the person’s liver within 30 seconds to 30 minutes time, where it must grow for six days. This is always the process and does not change. During these six days the parasite is the most vulnerable to MMS. Every time you take a drink of MMS the MMS is carried to the liver in the same amount of time, 30 seconds to 30 minutes. This is because the same blood that carries the parasite to the liver obviously also carries the MMS to the liver. The MMS is very healthy for the liver as it kills parasites and pathogens and some poisons while doing no damage to the liver, it can’t do damage. There is little or no chance that the parasites in the liver will survive the MMS especially if you are taking it every day for six days.

If you are taking MMS daily, one of the main things that the MMS does is purify your liver with each drink. Of course, if you already have a lot of problems with the liver, you may have to do MMS Protocol 1000 first, but normally this will not be required. A single drink of MMS a day may not handle every liver disorder if there are many problems with it, yet a single drink per day will indeed handle many liver problems. (In the case of bad liver or even liver disease you should do Protocol 1000 before continuing on the 6 drop prevention program). This drink will keep the liver operating and in top condition as well as prevent malaria by killing the sporozoites. After a mosquito bites you, it takes six days for the malaria parasite to get into the blood stream, and at this stage, it does not yet make you sick. But if you are taking a maintenance drink of MMS, the parasites will never get into the blood as they will be killed in the liver, and you will never know it.

If you have started taking MMS after the malaria symptoms began to show up, that means that the six day incubation time in the liver has passed, and the merozoites have erupted from the liver into the body, and have passed into the blood through the lung blood capillaries and invaded the red blood cells. Then it will be about two more weeks when the red blood cells begin to erupt creating the symptoms of malaria sickness. So you can see, if you were in the jungle for a short period it could be up to three weeks (six days plus two weeks) before you would notice a thing, but that would only be if you were not taking MMS, because if you were, you would never feel the malaria as I have explained above.

In order to go the way of prevention and live disease free it will cost you something like $25 (USD) a year. If you cannot afford the standard health insurance, at least buy a bottle of MMS and take 6 drops a day—or less, as explained in this newsletter.

To date, there have not been any studies of double blind or triple blind clinical trials proving that MMS prevents malaria and cancer. Unfortunately, to adequately do these tests so that they prove something to the medical profession, it would require numerous nurses, doctors and scientific instruments. Such tests would cost several million dollars before the medical people would pay any attention. We don’t have the money for such tests, and we are not trying to prove anything to the medical profession. I just want to help people maintain their health and I would also like to see people improve their quality of life. Seeing as we don’t have the money at this time, we can’t worry about the doctors, but there are thousands of folks who do believe there is something to MMS, and I'm concerned with helping them while we can.

Since I am going to explain how MMS can prevent many diseases let me also mention here that there has never been even one clinical trial or an acceptable medical double blind, triple blind, or for that matter even a single blind test to prove vaccines work—never! The idea was so great that most all doctors, along with the public, simply believed the theory of vaccines in the absence of tests or proof. It’s hard to believe. No proof regarding the validity of vaccines has ever been offered. How crazy is that? Prove I am wrong if you like. Show me one test where a group of individuals were vaccinated and they had less disease than another similar group of individuals that were not vaccinated. However, this is not what this newsletter is about. It just perturbs me that the doctors get away with such things, and yet some who hear about me, fight tooth ‘n nail to stop the good things MMS can do.

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