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Default IE Radio Archives

I've been devouring the IE Radio archives on my way to/from work for the past 6 months or so, and I think I may be getting close to caught up. Got a few recommendations for you all if you haven't listened to them (or it's been a while since you first heard the interviews). I listened to the first on the way to work this morning and the second on the evening commute today. Each is just fascinating on its own merits as a subject matter, but they are also great examples of SM giving a real schooling in the Socratic method, which ultimately brings a greater understanding of the topic for everyone:

(1) 3/12/06: Sam Harris, The End of Faith
(2) 4/27/08: Jaysen Rand, Planet X (I'm going to have to try to square this guy with Sitchen, which I'm reading for the first time now)

Enjoy everyone, and namaste from the Midwest!
"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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