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Originally Posted by Norma Rae
What I find more interesting is the progression of languages that he explores. How in the world did the word for "sky vehicle" become "name"? As he suggests, and I agree, the transformation of the word certainly obscures its origins and "real" meaning. However, I find it very magical that a name--my name, your name, etc.--could be some primordial attempt in which we all engage to make our own connection to the divine. With one word--a name--we create our own "sky vehicle" to the heavens.

Sorry to go back to an old post here, but I just heard a Lucille Clifton poem that reminds me of the "naming" being our attempt to connect to the divine--our sky vehicle. Here are the lines that allude to the above ideas:

"here on this bridge between
starshine and clay, . . . "

Love the image of this mortal life and our attempts at "naming" as a bridge between starshine (star beings) and the clay of this Earth...

Also...*sigh* the connections just keep coming and won't stop and are starting to drive me batty...this poem refers to Babylon (ala Sitchen) and celebration (ala the EB thread Brit started about celebrating life)...perhaps I should post the entire poem somewhere?

Namaste Friends,
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