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OH! . . . I just thought of the seven chakras! You know what that makes planet Earth counting from the outward in as Sitchin does?! The 7th planet; the seventh chakra; so close to the divine...Wow, this is starting to blow my mind...Also, a lovely idea of moving from the outward, in; from the macro to the micro; from that which circles to that which is circled--the center; from the higher self to the inner self...

Just lovely and so interesting!

Namaste from the Midwest, Friends.

P.S. I just thought of one of my two tattoos--a scene from Bergman's The Seventh Seal! Now I'm gonna have to re-watch that for meanings additional to why I first got the darn thing years ago while in grad school. And yes, the tattoo is of one of the concluding scenes where SEVEN characters are dancing in sillohette along the horizon.
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