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I think I've told this before on these boards - but yes I have seen UFO's when hiking back from Choquequirao in Peru. The site in itself is pretty unusual. I was with a group of 18 - one of the first large groups allowed to go into the site after an avalanche had uncovered a large lower portion of the ruins. They were discovered at the same time as Machu Pichu but it wasn't realized how extensive they were until this avalanche revealed the extensiveness of this place.
A few of the group had claimed that they had seen strange lights in the sky the night we camped at the top of the site. The rest of us were a bit suspect of it all until we reached camp the next evening. When we were in the food tent we started to talk about it and one of the Dr's in the group said that she had definitely seen these lights as well... just like the ones....and she pointed out the tent flap door and there they were. I was traveling with Dr's, a Navy Seal, an X CIA military man and my husband - all trained to be skeptic type of people and we were all just blown away.
These lights dropped down into a communication with one another and then in a nano second flew straight across to the other side of the sky line of peaked mountains that line the Andes. These lights played all night long, zipping up in a blink of an eye, sideways and rotating around one another. These maneuvers were physically impossible by anything that I've ever seen flying in the sky.
My guess is - after seeing these very peculiar ruins at Choquequirao - that this area has been fairly active for a very long time. Look the site up and tell me what you think.
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