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Default Coffee, aliens & names

Yes, his books are filled with many details and theories. Out of it all and along with others there is a theme that resonates for the bigger picture.

Well, coffee is almost like his theories and details - so many brands, flavors and ways to serve it!

The idea of links via ones names is quite romantic and also the suggestion of links to the universe is something I think anyway.

It sounds like you've absorbed much and are maintaining it to ponder and consider - that's great! That's the kind of mind needed in the New Age to sort through the myriad of 'stuff' and create some sort of balance. When I teach intuitive development one of my main criteria is to learn discernment that is also usually the last thing most want to exercise as it can take away the fantasy rather than working to have validated and significant data.

Will look for your other postings and evaluations.

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