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Default Ghost Baby?

I have a video from my iPhone with the voice of what I can only imagine was the spirit of a baby. I want to post it here. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

I've seen and heard lots of non-physical beings in my life, especially in my mom's house, but this is the first time that I have captured anything on video.

Earlier in the day my sister and my on year old nephew were napping so I went out back to the pond. I heard my sister calling to me and it sounded as though she were in distress, so I went back toward the house. When I got to the door, I heard John squeal and then laugh. But when I opened the door both were still asleep. I've heard things like that lots of times, so it wasn't a really big deal, but I did post it on Facebook.

Then later that evening, my sister, John, and I were playing with their dog and John was giggling at her. Then my sister and I both heard another baby giggle. It sounded like it was no more than a few feet to my left. It was clear as day. We just looked at each other and when we each realized the other had heard it, our jaws just dropped.

There are no neighbors, no electronic devices were on, no tv was on, John did not make a sound, it was not an echo because John had not recently made a sound. It was not the dog. It was very clearly a baby laughing. Funny thing is it actually sounded like John's voice.

I was videoing with my iPhone at the time, and you can hear it fairly well on the video. It was much clearer in real life though.

I would like to post the video if I can figure out how. In the mean time if you want to ilsten to it it is on my Facebook.
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