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Thanks for the response, Sandra. I think you should definitely get another copy for yourself and join my little reading club here. I'm almost 1/2 through the darn thing now, and as I previously stated--it's getting durn interesting. My skeptical left-brain/lawyer-brain is having a little bit of trouble--at times--not engaging in debates in my mind with some of Sitchin's propositions. Again, I am only 1/2 through and maybe later he fills in a bunch of the holes that I seem to be seeing right now. For example, he often shows an illustration of a piece of a tablet from somewhere (yet does not cite where it came from, where it is now, how it was discovered, etc.), then makes the logical leap that the cylinder shaped object is "of course" a rocket ship. Now, maybe it is, but maybe it's not. My heart is certainly open to the possibility, but I don't think you can just look at an image with your 20th (or 21st) century lens and say, "ahha!" without digging deeper and making the connections without the assumptions.

But . . . I am confident that as I read further, he will make the connections. I am looking forward to that.

What I find more interesting is the progression of languages that he explores. How in the world did the word for "sky vehicle" become "name"? As he suggests, and I agree, the transformation of the word certainly obscures its origins and "real" meaning. However, I find it very magical that a name--my name, your name, etc.--could be some primordial attempt in which we all engage to make our own connection to the divine. With one word--a name--we create our own "sky vehicle" to the heavens.



p.s. Glad you liked the photo. I usually do not drink my coffee that milky--usually black--but was indulging that morning.
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