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It has been a while since I've posted an update from Farmer Vicki. The summer fruits and veggies are starting to really flourish! Hopefully, it might inspire some of you to join a CSA near you next year. At the end of this update, I am also including a link to Vicki's blog (new for her this year!):


We have had some nice weather both for ripening crops and for us to work. It is sunny and with a cool breeze blowing we are generally pretty comfortable. So, the crops are doing good, although I am still waiting on tomatoes to get going good so I have enough for everyone. And, then there are the watermelons I hope to send to you. I don't grow them, but my cousin is so nice to grow them for us. To date not one is ripe, but let us hope that before the end of August we will have a ripe juicy and sweet watermelon.

I told you I was sending you more beans this week. We did pick them, but they did not fit in the boxes with all the other things I sent you way, so since beans will hold, they can wait in the cooler till next week.

Your box
Sweet corn
Peaches - half are from Seedling and half are from Hillside Orchards
Blueberries - these are from Seedling
Red Beet
Pickles - these are really tasty
Fairy Tale eggplant
Copra Spanish onion - two of our members came down last week and helped us harvest these onions
Green Bell pepper
Jalapeno peppers - the smaller, smooth and oblong peps
Basil - lemon or sweet

Genesis Growers
St Anne, Il

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