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Smile Great Pic of Jar!

Hi Stephanie,

The pic of the mason jar on the blender is just fascinating. I knew there were some that could be purchased from specific companies but didn't know this. Thanks for such great info. I actually have a VitaMix that is quite old though works well when I bother. It's the older one with stainless steel container instead of glass. But, I'm in a phase where I just don't want to bother with all the work around it. Must be getting lazy as I age. So, the idea of a small blender seems workable right now in my life. The best is the one you mention - isn't it fascinating that it actually heats and freezes? I use to make soup and sometimes sorbet right in the container. I love the idea of making things ready to go with the travel containers. The jars as you show are really worth it for grinding. I make my own almond milk so grinding the almonds and adding the water was always easy in the VitaMix and also in a food processor. I'm at a point that the easier the better "for the moment." I have to look at your pic again. It gives me ideas. I usually make chicken and rice with vegetables for my dogs. Now that my wee Pomeranian, Penny is old and has fewer teeth plus that little mouth she can only handle tiny food. Ian, the Llasa is a sturdy 17lbs and has a huge mouth. The mason jar idea could hold chopped chicken and vegetables and then I could add the rice. I feed them in glass containers to avoid what might be in plastic.

Thanks again for your input and sharing. And, hello over there in the mid west.


Well, once I'm settled with my new gadget I'll have to work on what to put in it. I know basics but also avoid too much acidity just because I don't like it.

BTW - I use to grind coffee beans in the VitaMix. It does everything. It can turn grain to flour it's so powerful. So, you couldn't have suggested a more worthy one.
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