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Default ★Perseids Meteor Showers are Underway

Weíre in the middle of the Perseids meteor showers that are more visible this year because the moon sets early and isnít near its light when full. More sky and away from distracting lights is better for viewing. The meteors appear to be coming from the Perseid constellation though it is earth thatís actually sailing along encountering debris from the comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle. Itís predicted there are at least 30 an hour and will triple in the next 2 days. They become fireballs, meteors when they come into the earth atmosphere.

Iíve always thought meteors and comets and all space activity triggers something usually just below consciousness that provides special messages for each so is an alerting energy to certain realizations. I intend to observe and be open to receive what my internal self says as I see the phenomena. Imagine each of us will gain very unique information.
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