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Default The Apocalypse

A few days ago, I had some powerful dreams. In one dream, I connected to a woman shaman from the Andes and then I connected with a shaman from Australia. The woman from the Andes is connected with agriculture. I had a vision of a new type of grass bred in Brazil for forage, which has helped transform Brazilian agriculture.

The other dream was about the time we are approaching. The US had been taken over by a dark force. The pastor and some of the members of a church I attend, were hiding in the basement of the house I live in. They had become resistance fighters to whoever controlled the country. They were planning to hide in someone's vehicle and to be smuggled to a certain place. They were going to do a terrorist act at this place, like blowing up a bomb. I was told by the Pleadians, that some people will be taken aboard a craft during this time of chaos.

I think this planet seems to be in a big struggle between the light and the dark. This struggle seems to be escalating. I have felt the light very strongly in various churches and through my dreams. If I get enough money, I plan on visiting a group of people in Missouri who are preparing for the end times. I don't feel I have enough warrior energy to live through this time period. I am relatively happy with my life now. I know if I die in this coming time, I will probably reincarnate back to try to finish and learn what my soul's purpose is. It seems like it takes forever to learn lessons on this planet. Life can be hard here. The last thing I want to go through is the end times. I guess it is my karma.
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