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Thumbs up Offer from Dr Georgina Cannon

Georgina Cannon ha a special offer for you

What do you have living rent-free
in your head? The thoughts that come in unbidden, unwanted and unnecessary?

Amazing how much junk we carry around with us - the feelings that aren't true (he/she thinks I'm an idiot, or if I do this and it's wrong I'll look stupid), the self image we sometimes have of what and how we are...all part of what I call our false mind.

Our mind is the accumulation of pictures, words and feelings - the software recordings over time from which we operate, and we can get trapped in these. Stuck with nowhere to go. So it seems.

But there's a solution - isn't there always?? We can dump the junk - and I have an e-book designed to help you do just that! For this month only, (August) I have arranged that you can obtain this book that is usually for sale on Amazon to be available on our website for free. Just go to the website and you can download it to your Kindle or computer for free.

I want to help you clean up your 'stuff' to start the rest of the year clear and clean. Use August to move into September with your full power!

My gift to you. Enjoy.


Here's the link:

It's a wonderful book and I hope you take advantage of this opportunity.
Brit Elders
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