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Default Strange sounds in the sky last night

I heard, and apparently people all over the southeast heard and saw some strange things last night around 8pm central time. I was in the kitchen and heard a loud sound that sort of vibrated. I had never heard anything like it and sort of froze and my mind was quickly racing trying to figure out that it was. My first thought was that there was a heavy piece of machinery outside my window, although it didn't sound like any machinery I had ever heard. Then my mind went to 'train,' but really it didn't sound like a train (that was just the best approximation) and the train track is too far from my house--I have only heard it twice in 9 years and then it was when the wind was just right.

Later on Facebook, WREG in Memphis posted that reports were coming in about blue and green lights streaking across the sky and about strange noises and sonic booms and wondered whether they were related and whether anyone else had heard/seen them. LOTS of people had.

Any of you hear/see anything strange last night?

Not sure I posted this in the right place since it could just as easily have been natural phenomena as ET.
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