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Fantastic substitutions, Brit. I've never worked much with almond flour, but sounds really good and much better than the processed nightmare of the wheat industry (even if using non-GMO flour), and eliminating wheat is generally a good thing, probably. Can I ask why the substitution on canola oil? Is it the GMO factor? I do have non-GMO canola oil that I buy/use. Would you recommend not using it at all?

Question on stevia: what kind do you use? I actually grew stevia in my garden last year, dried it, and ground it in a spice grinder. It is as good as anything you buy, but BRIGHT green! I love it! It makes me wonder, however, why the stuff in the grocery stores is white--at least the stevia I've seen in stores.

Glad you enjoyed the recipe overall. Yes, who knew sage would be a perfect complement to blueberries in a muffin, but when I saw the recipe, my heart said "YES!" and it was right!

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