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Hi Steph,
I just now read your synchronicity story. The Norma/Shirley thing is almost too much to ignore! The fact that you left early from work is also part of the amazing story.
I have a story that I will try to tell quickly. Five years ago, my sister-in-law , who lived in Colorado, passed away. We were very close. Well, I couldn't attend the funeral, but my husband did, of course. The night of her funeral I was sitting outside on our deck and I saw a hummingbird around our flowers and got very excited. We rarely see hummingbirds and my first thought was that I will have to tell my husband!
Well, he called me later and told me about the service for his sister. She was cremated and on her crematorium box was the sculpture of a hummingbird. I KNOW that she visited me that evening. Since I couldn't go to her, she came to me! I have never doubted the veracity of signs from the deceased since.
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