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Thanx for sharing your info Wolfdog and Dreamer. I could see and feel your frustration Shirley and Mr.carnicom's as well,(he's very didactic in Nature for sure) in not being able to identify who 'THEY' is!! I've been researching geo-engineering ,specifically stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering S.A.G. and believe me the most difficult thing to determine 100% is who "They' are!!!
Here is a young lady and whistleblower ,Kristen Meghen and her latest YouTube talk,which might verify atad more about who "they' is. Dang I wish I had the capability to take shots via my astro-telescope but it's not set up for that and you have to aim for where you think the plane is heading LOL!! Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch has a great website and has done quite a few interviews as well. Good luck and enjoy the search! ,looking up,Renny
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