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Default NYTimes Article: "Scientists Trace Memories To Things That Never Happened"

Hello All!

As I was lying in bed this morning trying to decide whether to head into the office or work at home (I close the latter), I read the following New York Times article. Very interesting, indeed! My question is, however, who says something didn't happen? I mean, who is the judge of that and by what litmus test are they using? I'd like to sit down with one of these scientists and ask them how their experiment squares with reincarnation and/or past life (or between lives) recollection. Perhaps someone is already working on (or has already discovered?) trying to locate the brain cells that store such memories?

Anyway, it's a short article, quick read, and pretty durn interesting. I am curious to know what you all think.

Namaste from the surprisingly springy (or autumnal?) Midwest!
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