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Smile Please share cancer info link with others.

Well, it was still a good reason to make the post I did for others who have to deal with cancer. Please, if you know anyone who has cancer or who is close to someone who has cancer, please share this link with them if you feel it will help them. If you feel they will not be receptive, make up your own mind, but if you do choose to share and they choose not to take on this new information, know that is their path and their personal responsibility and free will and respect that. They will get there at their own pace, and they have as many lives as they need. The energies around now are more beneficial, but the old paradigm is running out of energy fast and those trying to feed it will have more trouble. But this is a game where everyone wins, and we all get back to Source sooner or later in the illusion of time. Really, we all live in the Eternal Now Moment.
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