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Originally Posted by Norma Rae
Hello Thomas and All! (Tom--do not worry about conversations here; they kick up occasionally and intelligently and the chat room before IE radio on Sunday's is often rollicking!) . . .

Okay . . . You guys are going to get a real synchronistic kick out of this one! Are you ready? . . .

So I leave the office a bit early today--no reason, really. Just a nice day, good stopping point, and had some ideas for dinner. So I get in the car at about 3:45 p.m. and start immediately listening to an IE Radio archived interview that I was listening to on the morning commute. As I was listening to it for a few minutes, I thought about my post earlier today--about my friend and her way of speaking to me through the jazz and opera satellite radio stations. So . . . I switch it to the opera station, and I kid you not--I took a photo and am attaching it to this post--the opera Norma was playing! Now do not tell me that was not my friend communicating with me that my prior post on this Encounter Board (where my pseudonym is "Norma") about how she communicates to me through opera/jazz satellite radio stations was not absolutely accurate (and she saw/heard it)! Oh, it was her! And I think she was definitely giving me the, "Yes, It's me and we can talk with you all of the time!"

And the synchronicity does not end there. Oh, no. . . . So, look at the photo further . . . there is a date (that is the date that the opera was recorded at the Met in NYC); then there are two names (the first name is the last name of the director, and the second name is the last name of the person in the title role--here, it would be the role of "Norma" played by a woman with the last name Verrett) During one of the interludes as I listened, the host explained some of the plot of the opera and then mentioned the full name of the soprano playing "Norma"--Shirley Verrett! A "Shirley" playing a "Norma"?! After I (a "Norma") had just posted on another "Shirley's" website about my friend communicating to me through the opera radio station?! Get out! :-) Here is a little information on the (now deceased) Shirley Verrett: I like, also, that her last name "Verrett" sounds like it comes from the Latin root "ver," which means truth--veritable, veracity, etc? Isn't this great?!

This was so much fun for me, and I couldn't wait to get home to share it with you all! I laughed and smiled the whole way home! There is absolutely life after death, and there are absolutely ways to communicate if your heart is open to those spirits flying in and out (as Rumi would say).

Love and light from the Midwest,

P.S. Had I left the office at my normal time, I may have not gotten this message. By 4:20, the opera channel was playing Wagner. Something compelled me to leave early today, which is oh-so-rare. Was it my friend? I think so.

P.P.S. Thomas--if you like getting a big ol' intimate hug from nature, go deep into the Smokies. If you like being awe-inspired, then probably the Rockies or Yosemite. Both are fabulous experiences. I prefer the mystical Smokies.


I know the Rockies pretty well as a third generation Coloradan.
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