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It is mostly through synchronistic timing of particular songs. It also happens on the Jazz channel. My friend and I were/are big jazz fans and have that deep connection in common. Here are a few examples:

This was probably a year or so ago now, but the day after I had quite an elaborate dream about my friend that was set at an opera house, I was listening to the opera satellite radio station on the drive into work. When I turned it on, a song called "Isis and Osiris" was playing. I had never heard this song before, but Isis and Osiris were the (original) names of my friend's cats (whom she absolutely adored). I say "original," because when she adopted them when we were in graduate school, she originally named them that, but later discovered that "Isis" was not a girl and renamed him Kurzon. Only I and possibly two other individuals would know about Isis and Osiris. Clearly, she was communicating with me.

Similar occurrences have happened on the jazz satellite radio station. Often when I am thinking about my friend and/or planning a return trip to Knoxville, TN/Smoky Mountains (where we went to grad school), I will get communications on the jazz radio station as if from her--showing her happiness that I am returning to the place where we first met, a magical place that we both love, and to reunite with our other two dear friends with whom she is equally connected. When I am making these plans, suddenly the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra will be featured on the jazz station (a bit obscure) or actual songs from her last music playlist featuring very obscure jazz artists will play repeatedly (for example, "Amber Gris" by Medeski, Martin & Woods).

It is fun, and I am so happy that whatever positive energy I (and our two other friends) conjure up when we are making plans (and when we are together in the mountains) opens a portal of communication in which she can communicate to me through music. It is very magical and bewitching. What an absolute delight!

Namaste from the Midwest and two hands together _/|\_
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