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Default Standards in Music on Compact Disc

Originally Posted by bubbles
The truth of Star-treks food replicator maybe stranger than fiction in that we could create our domestic help and eat them too. Kindness, however, dictates that we gather our amino's directly from vegetable matter.

Is the highest disc a circle?

Create our domestic help?? I guess that's why we have children. lol Just Kidding... but then again... I guess that's why... and where we get our vegetables. "Healthy servings everyday of fruits and Vegetables not to mention Nuts" However it seems to me there are less and less fruits and more and more Vegetables and Nuts. According to the Food Pyramid of America, which the POA gets most of it's money from, is Vegetables and Nuts.

Makes me want to not walk, not run, rocket all the way at the speed of Light and Sound to Burger King

The Highest Disc sometimes can be a circle and sometimes a cigar shape. It depends on the make, model and preference. Some prefer circles, some cigars, some both kinda like the Toyota Harmony commercials. No, no offense to the US Auto Market, which the majority are like cigars. Like the POA. Gosh now I'm writing in Ebonomics It's a US Legacy thing depending on what you like.

No, no no Ebonomics is not like Economics but then no its a sub-subject in English. Simply put uhh 'Ghetto' Slang language which is a sub-subject language to The Standard English American Language or the Standard American English language depending on what side of the Atlantic you're on...
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