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Default Update on Sean T.

We had another wonderful day today. I baked Teriyaki Pork Loin, Chinese veggies and rice laced with the Japanese Palace House Dressing. Peg joined us for our lunch and we all watched "Safe House" with Danzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds - a very exciting movie so intune with the times.

Sean's fractured femur continues to heal and we will be going back to his Orthopedic Surgeon the 7th of August. Next surgery will be the knee replacement. But Sean is looking forward to that so that he may use his leg again and to get the prosthetic. The ultimate goal is to "walk again".

I am continually amazed at his ability to be so postive throughout the all of this. August 24th will be two years. Can you believe it has already been that long? Anyway, we continue to proceed forward in our healing with laughter everyday.

And I have great news about my employer, Carroll, she has sold the CPA firm. Met the new owners last Friday when they took us out to lunch. I have to say, there couldn't be a more perfect match. Seems like I have known them before. I just love it how my "Soul Group" keeps showing up.
So, they assured me that there will be no changes and that they are happy to have me to grow their new company. I felt "right at home with them". I am very blessed. And Carroll has already scheduled a trip to Holland in the spring. I, of course, will continue to take care of her kitty while she is gone on her traveling trips. She has become a dear friend. Or she was always a friend, I just met her again. ahahahhah!!!! Don't ya just love this life's journey>>>>>

I told Sean about Sister Lura today. They had connected on Facebook and he had grown to love her as we all have. He said, "We now have another Guardian Angel." I told him, "Yes, she is now closer to us than she was before."

Again, I thank you all for your continued participation in our journey of healing.

Intending for the highest good of all with love,

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