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Default El Drrr meets Techno-Wiz and the Abominable Snowgirls of Cyberworld

Snowgirl: "I hate being type-cast as abominable for the duration of the millenia; Techno-Wiz! transform me into a screen-goddess for the duration!"

Techno-Wiz: "Your word is my command!" ZAP! "Not so fast, El Drrr! I'll transform you into frog bait!" ZAP!

Froggie: GULP! "Thanks Techno-Wiz!"


Given that satire is metaphor
Isn't the rejection of metaphor an example of pride?

OK, satire can take the form of taunting, bullying & belittling
And metaphor in the film industry isn't confined to base satire.

So where do we draw the line?
At metaphors not readily construed to be satire?


Relativity in the state of knowledge
Presupposes superior wisdom
And the recognition of satirical design
Wherever; making the bar more personal

Wherever the tree falls
There it lays
Untill it wants to lay somewhere else.


"because it obliterates the involuntary telepathic sense" wrote Philip K. Dick in Game-Players of Titan, "(phenothiazine) eradicates the paranoiac response to the picking up of subconscious hostilities in others."

...Perhaps the paranoid picks up the reflection of their own subconscious hostilities...
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