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Just joining the group here in celebration of and remembering Sister Lura. I am happy that she finally let go and joined with her mother, and other loved ones whom she missed.

I can relate to you Joanne as Lura and I exchanged emails almost everyday for over a year and it seemed very vacant when those emails stopped coming.

I know that she loved being a part of this community and she cherished the friendships she made here.
She had a lifetime collection of Shirley MacLaine movies and books, which she jokingly referred to as "contraband". Contraband because Shirley's metaphysical interests and writings did not quite mix with the thoughts of the convent. She told me that she had read all of Shirley's books at least twice and some three times.
I can't remember all the details of this....but she told me that recently at dinner one of the Nuns brought up a subject and Lura brought up a Shirley MacLaine movie that somehow related to the subject matter and another Nun immediately said..."Isn't she the one who believes in reincarnation?" Lura said...."I just stopped taking at that point." LOL She laughed about that....because even though she chose a life of religious service....which she DID take very was not going to keep her from becoming all that she could be in this lifetime.

Blessings~ xo
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