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Default Part 2

10. Parasitical infestations
We have started having people do a parasite cleanse and have seen better and faster results when the parasites are eliminated from the body. Everyone in this world has parasites they deal with in their lifetime but if the body's immune system is strong the they are kept in check. But, when one's body is infested with parasites it has to be dealt with to “restore health” completely.
Note: Everyone should do a parasite cleanse once or twice a year to keep the body cleansed especially, those working in areas where they live and breed i.e. working with animals, sewage and other such areas.

11. Stress on immune system, (weak or non existing).
Stress is a “killer” to the immune system if the body. Work, home, finances, relationships and just plain living in this world can cause a lot of stress if you let it. With a weakened immune system the body doesn't have it's internal pathogen killing ability to help “restore health”.
Note: Try to live a stress-free life as much as possible while trying to overcome any health issues.

12. Attitude (You need a gratitude attitude)!
Having a positive attitude when trying to heal the body is essential. Be grateful for life itself and the pleasures it brings.
Note: Try to keep negative people and situations away from one's self when trying to “restore health”.

13. Blood testing (false positives and out right errors i.e completely untrue)
a. Herpes
We have had people have a positive test for HPV and never have a breakout and have had people test negative and have had breakouts. Are these tests reliable? We spend more time asking people we are “restoring health” to, How do you feel? We want them to tell us the differences in their bodies if any and watch to see if they are gaining weight, sores healing, skin rashes and irritations gone and general sense of well being, being restored. Those things are positive indications of health being restored even if the tests don't agree.
Note: Many times it is months before people get the results they what and maybe never, but “How do they feel?”
b. Autoimmune deficiency
The test for HIV is a test looks for evidence of the presence of 47 auto-immune deficiencies. It has been proven that many pregnant women test positive for HIV when in reality they are later testing as negative. People that have had tetanus shots have also tested positive for HIV when later testing negative. This has also been known to occur for people that have had a yellow fever vaccine.
Note: Watch out for believing the HIV test!

14. Surgical destruction
It is difficult for the body to eliminate toxins form the body when the body's system that is in control of elimination such as these mentioned below are eliminated or damaged. Here are some key components of the body's immune system:
a. Cutting out immune system (Lymph-nodes)
c. Colon removed
d. Kidneys removed
e. Lung removed partially or completely
f. Brain surgery (removal of brain matter and veins cut and cauterized)
g. Spleen removed
Infections such as MRSA – Staph infections, are common results of surgeries worldwide and the present of this bacteria in the body hinders the restoration of health until it is eliminated.

15. Vaccines residue
Vaccines have been proven to cause many diseases such as Autism, paralysis, partial or complete, strokes, neurological disorders to name a few.
a. Heavy metals – Mercury, aluminum and others
b. Toxins – Formaldehyde, alcohol
c. Diseases – The creator of the polio vaccine admitted that up to 50 diseases such as cancers and diabetes were added to the vaccine for polio.
Note: If someone has had multiple vaccines the restoration of health can be hinder.

16. Non-biological agents
High amounts of Asbestos in the body can hinder health restoration esp. in the lungs.
Morgellons disease is a disease that puzzles many because there is worm-like strains coming out through the skin and eyes and when examined under a microscope names of pharmaceutical companies are seen! This is not a natural occurring disease.
Note: There may be many more non-biological pathogens in the world that we have to consider when trying to “restore health”.

17. Family pressure
Family and friends can really discourage one from taking the protocols correctly by being negative about what is being taken as well as doubting it will even work. Husband not supporting wives and vice versa cannot discourage one from continuing and therefore not achieving restoration of health.
Note: The support from family and friends when trying to restore one's health is very important and the lack thereof can reduce the results of the protocols.

18. Psychosomatic factors
Psychosomatic disorders are real to the person that has them but they don't really exist i.e. the person believes he or she has a diseases that really doesn't exist!
Psychosomatic illnesses exist and need to be considered when trying to “restore health”.
Note: if a person has been on the protocols for a while with no results at all, then this has to be considered, especially if the person has psychological problems.

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