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Default Mars going into Cancer

This is exactly a "happy birthday" wish it relates in that astrology is all about when one is born. Keep in mind that all 12 signs are in every birth chart. It may be that the current transit of the sun in Cancer is your birth sign though you might have Cancer governing your area of money or career or somewhere else.

Mars goes into Cancer Saturday joining the sun, Jupiter and Mercury retrograde. This week’s column explains it. We’re in the middle of a major planetary angle I’ve been discussing this and last year, Uranus-Pluto that’s in effect until March, 2015. Stay tuned to the column for more details. It was brought to my attention that some of our members aren’t familiar with the column that’s new every week. It entails daily definitions of planet angles and how to work with them from a mundane perspective as well as spiritual. I always as well include an affirmation and visualization that is created based on current planet alignments. Here’s the link:
“The time and place of birth is your portal into this dimension.” Sandra Helton, astrologer and columnist for - weekly column always online.
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