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Default Update on Sean...

Sean continues to find the good in everyday. When the questions come, the doubts, the wonders, we get through them together. For we all need to express, share and work our way through the muck and mire. And then, we pop through for another breath of fresh air!!!! We find something more to be grateful for and go on from there. That is what gets us through the trying times. Together we lift each other up!!! that is what it is all about - helping each other....

Laughter is such a good healer. The more laughter, the better off we all are. It is good to find the fun in everything. It makes it, whatever it is, more workable, doeable and leaves us with a sense of accommplishment of another day well done.

We continue to look for our best self and to know that WE ARE LOVED and ALL IS WELL.

Next month will be two years.

Love you all for hanging in there with us.
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